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About us

Libertap is a performance based digital marketing company.

We are a team of professionals that will help to enlarge your results by providing high quality service!

Our main goal is to build long-term relationships that benefit all. We always choose quality over quantity.

Product and Services

  • 24/7 Online Support: Our dedicated managers are always there for You to help
  • Ad formats: We monetize everything by CPI, CPE, CPA, CPM
  • Demand and Supply: You are connected to the best sources
  • Huge Volumes: Up to 8K installs per day and 1 Mln of IMPS
  • Integration tools: VAST/VPAID, S2S, API, o-RTB
  • Fraud detecting technologies.
    We are always taking care about You
  • Geography: Our Traffic Sources Cover 150 Countries.


  • JS tags and XML feed
  • VAST/VPAID integration
  • Pre-roll, pop-under, Native ads, Display ads
  • Enable of your business is what we care about
  • The best-matching Geo, category or vertical to satisfy your audience
  • The multiple fraud preventions techniques and solutions

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